Europes Longest Running

Tribute Show

1990 Beginner's call!

Producer Trevor Chance is approached by a builder, Derek Gaskill, to do a charity show for neurosurgical research. Derek’s wife is in hospital being treated at the time. He is asked to do a tribute ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ show by gathering several winners from the TV show and framing them in a production show. Trevor thinks it’s a terrible idea and tells him so. Derek insists, and as he’s paying the piper, Trevor does as he’s asked. Two shows are launched in Manchester. One at the Palace, and the other at the Opera House.. They are a huge success!  Trevor stands at the side of the auditorium and looks at the audience, not at the show, and sees the reaction.  It’s as if they’re watching the real thing. 

Says Trevor of the pivotal moment, “I realised that gathering together the actual stars to stage a show of this kind was beyond the reach of most audiences, cost and availability making it almost impossible. This was probably the beginning of the Tribute revolution in the UK. No-one had thought of this before - it did not exist, and it took a builder to think of it!”  

Beginner's call!

1991 Star-A-Like!

The Star-A-Like show was now in demand for corporate shows with a line-up including tributes of Shirley Bassey, Patsy Cline, Roger Whittaker,  Chris DeBurgh, Edith Piaf, Neil Sedaka, Alison Moyet, Cliff Richard, and other winners from the early TV shows. Maxine Barrie as Shirley Bassey became the highest paid tribute act in the world over the next 20 years.


1992 Great Legends Of Rock

The show launches in Blackpool at the ice rink at The Pleasure Beach with Dave Spikey as compere (later of Phoenix Nights fame) - freezing!  Seeing the wonderful Jack Danson as Rod Stewart with his band one night gave birth to the idea of Great Legends Of Rock. Adding Freddie Mercury, Elton John, and Neil Diamond to Jack’s 3 piece Rock Band.  The show wows audiences from the very first performance at Parr Hall, Warrington, getting a standing ovation - the first of many.

Great Legends Of Rock

1993 Flying Music

Flying Music, one of the UK’s leading tour companies (Thriller Live, Solid Silver 60’s), took Great Legends Of Rock on a sell out tour of major venues round the UK. Yet again, audiences showed that were hungry to see their idols, even if they were copies! Legends invents the phrases ‘look/soundalike’ and ‘Ultimate Tribute’ - gathering fans wherever they play.

Flying Music

1994 Legends At Your Party!

At that time the producers realise that ‘Legends’ is adaptable and introduces artistes from different music genres - George Michael, Marti Pellow, Spice Girls, Robbie Williams etc.  It gives us wider scope and a varied style of show to offer fans and corporate clients.  We could shape a production appealing to a small audience on a snowy hillside with priceless works of art hanging on the walls, to the Maldives for a royal family, to cruise liners and to packed Butlins holiday camps.  The team work for the most high profile of events companies, Bentley's Entertainments, Chance Organisation, Starlight Events, and many many more.

Legends At Your Party!

1996 Uvavu! Eranu!

Trevor’s 17 year-old son Richard becomes a band member and will eventually become the producer and director of the show.

Legends goes on a nationwide theatre tour with Vic Reeves and Bob mortimer’s Shooting Stars, playing venues such as Manchester Apollo, Birmingham Indoor Arena and the Brighton Centre to sell out crowds.  The show is established, and unrivalled.

Uvavu!  Eranu!

1998 Legends Play for the PM!!

We're asked to put on a full scale Legends show at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom (a place that will become very important to our history!) for then Prime Minister Tony Blair and the labour government's conference.  Mr Blair himself gives an in-person thank you to the producers and the show is a roaring success!!

Legends Play for the PM!!

1999 Beside The Seaside!!

Legends begins an astonishing two-decade run in the UK's most popular seaside resort of Blackpool with an amazing sell-out season on Blackpool's North Pier.  It is the start of what will be the longest running show of its type in the country, embedding Trevor Chance's Legends into pop culture with numerous television performances, high profile and celebrity friends, and a fan base who return year upon year!

Beside The Seaside!!

2000 "Like Stars In Their Eyes - BUT GOOD!!" Peter Kay

Legends Blackpool moves a hop, skip and a swim over to Central Pier where it will sell out year upon year until it moves in 2012.  Among its many fans, Peter Kay gives the show a special mention in his hilarious Top Of The Tower DVD! 

"Like Stars In Their Eyes - BUT GOOD!!" Peter Kay

2006 TV comes calling!

We appear front and centre of Channel 4's Convention Crasher as our directors Richard and Trevor coach presenter Justin Lee Collins in the art of becoming a tribute artist - namely Tom Jones (he does a pretty fantastic job!)

TV comes calling!

2009 Rock Royalty at the Tower!!

Legends take over the town with no less than THREE shows running in Blackpool at the same time.  Legends at the Central Pier has two shows with completely different casts, and at the same time we launch the Rock Royalty show in Blackpool's world famous Tower Ballroom.  The shows are a roaring success and cement Legends as an immoveable object in Blackpool!!

2013 Legends At The Sands

After many years on Blackpool's Piers, a lush Vegas-style supper club, the Sands Venue, opens up on the promenade and Legends is selected to be the main act.  The Venue offers food and waitress service and attracts a whole new audience to Legends.   A record breaking run of five years takes place with various TV appearances and high profile guests, until Sands closes in 2018 to be turned into a stunning five star hotel.

Legends At The Sands

2018 Ballroom Blitz!!

As the Sands Venue undergoes refurbishments to become a world class hotel, Legends returns to the World Famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom for the 2018 season.  Reviews are exceptional, and the show looks beautiful with the stunning backdrop of Frank Matcham's timeless architectural vision.

Ballroom Blitz!!

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“Thank you so much for the incredible performance the Legends gave at Glanusk Park. It was absolutely amazing, created a sensational air of excitement, and was perfect to ensure a great party atmosphere. The whole show was highly professional, and the can-can girls a fantastic spectacle. Overall the whole evening was a complete success. Please pass on my enormous gratitude to all of your team for their hard work.”

Lady Elizabeth Anson

“​Close your eyes in Legends and you could be hearing the real McCoy - but you'd be missing seeing a great production.”

Robin Duke - The Stage

“I've never seen so much talent on stage at once”

Lisa Jeffers, Hamilton Gazette

“Better than the real thing”

The Dominion

“Longest running seaside show in Britain - Get it in the diary”

Lucy Meacock - Granada TV

“Spellbound! Brilliant rock concert!”

Mac James, The Chronical

“...pass on our thanks to Legends Of Rock for their great performance at Planet Hollywood for the premiere party of the movie 'In And Out'. Everything went smoothly and their professionalism was fantastic.”

Caroline Lockyer-Nibbs, United International Pictures

“...thank you for your excellent promotion of the LEGENDS event...we have had a terrific response from the guests, and the Prime Minister Tony Blair. I have enjoyed working with you, and I thank you again for a superb night's entertainment in Blackpool.”

Andy Rowe, Business Development Manager, Labour N.West

“Absolutely brilliant...what a breath of fresh air you all are......thank you all for exceeding our expectations again, you and your team were spectacular at the Victoria and Albert museum.”

Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, Bentleys Entertainment

“We had guests from all over Europe, all of whom were absolutely delighted to be present (and a few quote 'fooled') at your performance!”

R.Hughes, General Sales Manager, Inveresk Carrongrove Mill

“I've never seen so much talent on the stage at once, I promise you'll be truly amazed!”

Lisa Jeffers, Hamilton Gazette

“It was once again another fantastic success, and the feedback from everyone who was there has been brilliant.”

Sue Woods, London And Manchester

“Stunning', 'ace', 'brilliant', 'best yet' were just some of the comments we received in respect of the show you provided.”

Ken Paul, Sir Personnel Office, Research Machines

“Great sound, energy, thoroughly researched, a true star act!”

Mellisa Chilton, Southland Times


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